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Our Story

Leela: A Fusion of Timeless Style and Spiritual Awareness

Leela by A is conscious fashion with love for Mother Earth at its core. The quality and feel of our choicest natural fabrics says it all. We believe clothing isn't just about covering your body; it's about adorning your spirit. Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that everything we interact with, from what we wear to what we surround ourselves with, carries energy that impacts us.

The Shakti of Love in Every Thread

Our guide, Maitreya Dadashreeji, instilled in us the profound concept that colors, fabrics, and even garment design hold unique energies. Colors uplift, natural materials breathe, and heartful design empowers. Colors have the power to influence our mood and well-being. Fabrics possess an inherent energy of their own, and the way garments are crafted, including the cuts and prints, all contribute to the final energy signature of an outfit.

Embrace Your Inner Light with Leela

This understanding forms the cornerstone of Leela's design process. Leela offers timeless fashion with a deep connection to spiritual consciousness and the concept of selfless service. Our aim is to create garments that energize and uplift the wearer, raising their vibrational energy.
We take pride in creating garments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and ethically produced. Here's the cherry on top: by choosing Leela, you're not just making a stylish statement; you're contributing to a positive change in the world. Every purchase empowers us to further our mission of supporting education and women's empowerment initiatives.

Look good, feel good, do good. Shop, Leela.


My Divine Friend and Guide, who revealed the fashion designer within me, to me. Had He not guided me on this path, I would have spent years in other professional fields struggling to figure out my passion and purpose of life. I still remember the day Maitreya Dadashreeji advised me to take up fashion designing professionally. I didn’t accept it as I had no formal training in this field. After about 3 months, epiphany happened and I realized that I had to give it a shot. The minute I accepted this choice, things just flowed. Everything just worked out from point to point.

Maitreya Dadashreeji is not only my spiritual guide, helping me become a better human but also my inspiration and creative head as He guides me internally to fashion each product with sincere Love, uplifting energy and great concern for the wearer.

Maitreya Dadashreeji is a Divine Friend whose simplicity and wisdom guides everyone to the ultimate path of Divine Union. With His profound teachings, He unfolds the unique path of elevation for the growth of each puzzled and fallen mind. His mellifluent voice, accessibility and loving warmth make Him your true and loyal friend, known to you since long. With Him, no tools or techniques are required. He is a Divine being whose presence transforms us. You simply have to be in His presence and you will witness the change in your self. His guiding words help us walk the path of truth, transformation and self realisation.

“When all your efforts end, allow me to work on you.

You will witness that transformation, you needed for long.”


 Founder & Designer

I love the Divine and truly believe in His ways. Everything He creates is beautiful and meticulous. No amount of scientific development can beat the prowess and flawless creations of the Almighty. He created the mighty mountains and the tiny ants. He rules the galaxies and the numerous universes yet He resides in every soul and in every heart. Such is His Leela. Such are His ways.

Guided by my Divine Friend Maitreya Dadashreeji, I discovered my love for serving humanity and fashion designing. Leela is the platform to bring together both my passions and be able to make a difference to the society.

By His Grace, He now guides us internally for each creation of Leela. Great Love and care goes into designing and creating each piece. Our aim and vision is to create beautiful, wearable and affordable garments that enrich and brighten up the lives of the users.  I guess, that’s how the Divine would have it too.. Hence, As He plays, so We create.


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