LOVE & FREEDOM is a collection of fabrics that breathe, silhouettes that flatter your physique and colors that are earthy and radiate your warmth. We have embellished our garments with intricate and lively embroidery. With a lot of love, we have named all our pieces after birds and butterflies.

The lovebirds represent the most powerful emotion of love. They invite care, gratitude and passion in our lives. They truly represent our thought that true love liberates you and brings freedom.

The happy, peaceful bird signifies the spirit of reconciliation, warmth, gratitude and harmony. It is not a plain white dove. It carries the message of peace and purity with the olive branch in its mouth yet it spreads the colors of happiness and joy through its wings.

A butterfly suggests transformation, endurance, hope and life. There is no better personification of change, confidence and courage. With its repeated cycles of metamorphosis, a butterfly exemplifies through its life that just when we feel that our world is coming to an end and we surrender to the flow of the universe, it takes us to a higher path. And that surrender, in its truest sense, brings freedom where eventually, we fly.

When you love someone truly, you love them just as they are, in their truest self.  When you love yourself truly, you appreciate your own unique gifts and flaws and embrace yourself as a specially handcrafted child of the Lord. And He made us all with a lot of Love. This Love liberates us such that it sets us free. We explore and discover ourselves then through His eyes. This is when we discover our innate talents and purpose of life. This is when we truly start living.

Wish you such love and freedom in your lives!!