While I wondered over what prints to develop for the new collection of Leela, I researched and prayed for guidance. One fine day, heading out in the driveway, I came across a feather. It was a normal brown feather. Nothing very attractive about it. Dull colour. Nothing really standing out. Yet, something about it, pulled me towards it. I kept it with me and went on with my usual work for the day. The next evening, I again found another one and something about it again caught my eye. I realized that I have been receiving feathers from here and there in my ways. Now either the birds are in their shedding season or it’s a sign.

The hopeful optimist that I am, I searched for it online and got to know that angels communicate with us in many ways. Call it angels, call it God, call it some form of energy, but someone up there,  is trying to pass a message to us off and on, in many different ways.

Feathers are just one of those ways. Spotting them in unusual places implies a Divine communication. Each colour of the feather you receive stands for something. Now, I am not an expert on which feather means what exactly but I surely do believe that my angels were watching over me and with this message, I had received the idea of the print for my next collection.

Working on this collection, somehow, each outfit, each print turned out to have a touch of gold in it and that for me, is Grace -the most powerful energy in the world. The touch of Divine light pouring on us from heavens in myriad forms is ineffable. The person experiencing this Grace is peaceful yet joyful; hearing celestial music in the ears yet blissed out in deep silence. This, my friends is what can simply be put in one word as BLESSED.

With a lot of learning and a lot of growth, I bring to you all our new collection – “BLESSED- the touch of gold”. We sincerely hope that you’ll love it as much as we do and grow and prosper wearing them.

Love always..